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Hello and welcome to my Guns N' Roses collection site.  I wouldn't call it a discography exactly since I don't
have everything that's out there, but these are just items I own.  Yes, the pages may take some time to load but
that's because these are high quality pics - save 'em to your computer and open 'em there - zoom in for greater
detail.  Some of you may feel that the placement of these items doesn't make sense.  For example, shouldn't the
Japanese GN'R EP (black and white cover) be in the promo section since it's marked as a promo?  Technically
this is true, but I felt the need to put all the EP's together trumped the need to place it in the promo section.  
Miscellaneous promos has items that are marked promo in some way, but were not released for the promotion
of a Guns N Roses album.  For example, the Since I Don't Have You cd promos from Spain in that section
were used to promote some "Elefante" album or something, not The Spaghetti Incident.  In the links section, you
will only find links to other collections and/or discographies.  If you are the owner/creator of one of these sites,
and you do not want your site listed here, let me know and I will remove it ASAP.  Any questions, comments,
etc. can be sent to  I will do my best to address them in a timely fashion.  Enjoy!